Atomic Adventures engages students in the Katy area with active learning through STEAM curriculum in our 4 week Adventure Camps.

Teachers at Atomic Adventures are all certified and work in local schools in the Katy area.

Atomic Adventures is conveniently located in the Katy area and easily accessible.

STEAM is the present and the future of learning. Our curriculum is based upon proven research in cognition and learning development.


STEAM is more than just an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, but a foundational system of learning that promotes intellectual growth and development and forms a foundation for learning that extends into adulthood.
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Engaging, hands-on experiences
  • Positive learning environment for your child

Our Activities


Creative activities

Our activities are centered around STEAM learning and geared towards advancing these disciplines.


Playing is critical to the learning process and we incorporate play into our discovery times to maximize our students ability to practice what they learn through playing.


Experience is gold when it comes to learning and by giving our students hands-on experiences we hope to develop lasting impressions during these formative years.


An additional benefit of Atomic Adventures is engagement with others who are learning along side of one another as they develop cognitively and emotionally.

Why Choose Atomic Adventures

Atomic Adventures is unlike any other summer program in Katy. Children thrive under consistency and we provide continued learning during the Summer months to promote consistency and provide our students with ongoing learning. When they return to the classroom setting the following school-year, they are ready to go!


Great teachers teach. Simply put, but profoundly important in the developmental stages of development in a young persons life.

Amazing Students

Our students are unique individuals who bring their personalities and experiences to the classroom where social development and learning are promoted.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. Our curriculum and programs are designed to be fun, entertaining, and full of learning opportunities.

Engaging Learning

Don't let the Summer break pass with your children in front of mindless gaming consoles. Instead let us engage them with fun activities that promote learning.

Our Blog

We are working diligently to provide some timely and relevant articles to our blog so that we can equip parents and students with information related to STEAM and other useful topics.


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